Neurosurgeons of New Jersey – Silver Level Sponsor

Although this company is not connect to the nordic skiing world, I am proud to represent them on my quest for success in nordic skiing and xc mountain biking. Their support has allowed me to focus fully on my training, recovery, and racing to the very best of my abilities.




Leki Ski Poles – Nordic Ski Pole Sponsor

Every skier has their own subtle techniques that make them as fast as they can be. I rely almost too much on my upper body to ski as fast as possible. Therefore I need strong, stiff, and light poles that I trust fully to apply as much power as possible to the snow. I love the strength and stiffness that Leki poles have, in addition to their unique grip shape, and season-long lasting straps. The grip and strap are overlooked parts of ski poles. Those direct contact points provide comfort and control for the ski pole, and I think Leki made one of the most durable, comfortable, and ergonomic straps and grips on the market. Their twist on/off pole tip system is also incredibly easy. Like dropper posts on mountain bikes, once you use it you never will go back.


Skirack nordic logo black:blue.jpg

Skirack – Training Equipment Sponsor

I have been working with Skirack for several years and even was an employee at Skirack back in 2011! I love working with an incredible local running, biking, and ski shop that has been voted best Vermont sports shop many times! They have great gear for all your outdoor activities and even better customer service.



Inspire Physical Therapy – Physical Therapy and Realignment sponsor

I have been working with Oliver Hall at Inspire Physical Therapy since I was in high school to help heal injuries. I love working with Inspire because of their unique and intelligent approach to healing the body by aligning the whole body with challenging and innovated rehabilitation exercises. His knowledge and insight of the whole human structure and how the kinetic chain works is so helpful to healing misalignments in the body.




Julbo – Eyewear sponsor

Julbo makes the highest quality photochromic lenses in the industry. I use their sunglasses for all outdoor activities, running, cycling, and skiing. Their antifog properties are not only impressive, but incredibly important for nordic skiing because any fogging on lenses can freeze and render the glasses useless. I use Julbo Aerospeeds and Sniper (shields) for all my nordic ski events without any issues for fogging or light changes. The photochromic lenses work for all conditions seamlessly.



Hammer Nutrition – Performance Fuels and Supplements sponsor

I have been using Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements since 2014. When I started professional ski racing after college I was looking into a fueling company to work with. Everything I looked at contained simple sugars, a few electrolytes, and just a different brand label. They basically are all the same, except for Hammer. Hammer uses maltodextrin, a high glycemic complex carb that both gives you the energy you need but also sustainable energy over endurance activities. It also contains all 5 essential electrolytes, not just the standard potassium and sodium. In addition their Perpetuem is the best 2.5h + workout fuel due to the ratio of carbs to protein to fat. I have never used a product that helped me not bonk on 4h workouts like this before. In addition to all their other fuels, gels, and bars, they make great supplements that help increase recovery and top performance for racing.


Team Altra_Red Main

Altra – Red Team Athlete for Altra Running Shoes

At the end of my last collegiate ski year I crashed and tore my right PCL and LCL in a race. Due to that incident, and previous frequent injuries from running, I decided that a midfoot strike and lower heel drop running shoes would decrease impact and stress on my knees and hips, instead strengthening my calves and lower leg muscles. That idea of having a strong foundation was appealing, so I bought my first pair of Altra Lone Peak 2.0 and began my transition to zero drop shoes and strengthening my calves. I gradually built up my running and now can complete 4h mountain runs all thanks to Altra’s amazing shoes.



Body Glide – Anti-chafe and protective skincare product sponsor

With the copious long hours of training, the bodies of nordic skiers get a lot of wear and tear. Body glide is the most trusted brand of friction defense for all chafing in endurance sports. It also is made of natural ingredients, and has the lowest EWG Skindeep score of 1, meaning it is as healthy as possible for your skin. In addition, they have many different products for all areas and types of chafing, and most importantly they work perfectly.



Sole Insoles – Custom insole sponsor

As an athlete who has moderate pronation, I need proper arch support for the long hours of running, skiing, and biking. With so many hours of running, without the right support for my feet the imbalances would work its way up my body and create all sorts of problems. Sole insoles have great support but also has customizations for any foot shape. I use the wear-mold method but you can also accelerate the molding by putting the insoles in the oven first.




Toko – Training and Racing Glove sponsor

Toko makes an impressive line of nordic ski gloves in addition to hats, waterbelts, bags, and other soft goods. Ian Harvey is a great company owner to work with who is incredibly responsive and supportive. Their gloves each are made well and serve a specific purpose for the variable temperatures that we nordic ski racers endure. They are also excellent for cold weather cycling and running.


specialized logo 2

Specialized – Bike and Cycling Equipment Sponsor

As a nordic ski racer I started to add cycling to my extensive summer training routine. The past few years I began xc mountain bike racing to add leg strength, power, and endurance to my ski fitness. I love mountain biking as it is fun, creative, and challenging while creating leg power that cannot be built any other way for nordic skiers. I hopefully will add some road biking and triathlon races to my “off-season” training! I am racing on a Specialized Epic Carbon xc racing bike and find that it is light, capable, and ready for any aggressive xc race I can find.



Time Cycling – Bike Pedal sponsor

Time makes incredibly high quality bikes and bike pedals. I currently use their carbon / titanium Atac XC 12 pedals for cross country racing (Specialized Epic 100mm/100mm travel) where weight savings is important. They are incredibly durable and withstood a full season of xc racing and ready for much more! I use the new Time Speciale 12 enduro / trail pedals for my larger travel trail bike (Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 150mm/ 140mm travel). The Speciale 12 pedals are incredibly well made from high end aluminum and have options for pins for increased traction. For my road bike I use Time’s Xpro 10 pedals which are made from carbon fiber and are incredibly light and stiff. I used to use Shimano SPD-SL 105 carbon pedals, and these Xpresso 10 are noticably lighter and stiffer. The insert and release is positive and feels very strong and reliable.


absoluteBlack logo

absoluteBLACK – Bike Chainring and Grip sponsor

As a physics major I am always interested in how the gear and equipment I use can improve both my ability and experience in sports. Oval chainrings just made sense to me the first time I heard of them, and after some research absoluteBLACK was clearly the best made oval chainrings in terms of quality and durability, and their patented oval percentage. I felt an immediate difference by upgrading from a 32t round chainring to a 34t oval absoluteBLACK chainring on my racing xc mountain bike. I am so much faster and more efficient on the climbs, cresting hills, and flats. I have better traction because the “dead spot” while spinning the cranks is gone! I also use their silicone enduro grips on my racing xc mountain bike and they are comfortable and durable, a worthy grip upgrade!


EIE Carbon – XC Carbon Bike Wheel product sponsor

EIE makes high quality carbon fiber wheelsets. I researched their company and think they make a high end product at a great price. I was looking for a larger internal rim width (from 22mm to 25mm) for my xc race bike when I burped my tire in a race and felt a large amount of tire roll. I opted for their A29C25D22S rims, which means just 29er rims, 25mm internal rim width, 22mm deep. They are the superlight versions weighing only 310g per rim. They have the newest technology of being hookless and asymmetric for better even torque and tension on the spokes when braking and pedaling. I asked them to add a carbon UST strip so I don’t need rim tape for tubeless set up which they did no problem at all! I decided to go for Pillar Xtra 1420 bladed spokes and brass nipples, for durability instead of weight. I also decided to get DT Swiss 350 centerlock hubs to save some money and added a 54t ratchet upgrade for quicker hub engagement for technical climbs and efficiency. They totaled to be only 1281g for the whole wheelset! I was shocked riding them, they are much faster to accelerate and decelerate, and feel easier to pedal at high speed. The tires also are a bit wider and don’t roll when cornering hard. I hit a few rocks on them and no issues at all, and they stayed sealed tubeless all winter long with no use!

Team Sponsors:


Green Racing Project – Racing team, coaching, wax support


Craftsbury center logo.jpg

Craftsbury Outdoor Center – training facility, housing, food, work opportunity



Concept 2 Inc – Team title sponsor




Skida – Team headwear sponsor