Spring Training! 5km Ski Erg and new GRP

Spring training has been going very well. I seem to have kept much of my base from last year and healed a few muscular imbalances that I have been struggling with thanks to Oliver Hall at Inspire Physical Therapy, and also the help from Summit Chiropractic. I already have completed a 4 hour run, which would have made my psoas tighten up just thinking about at this time last year. Roller skiing also has been coming along smoothly. I feel much more comfortable just on the skis as well as doing intensity and speeds. All of this feels very heartening as I look forward to my largest volume of summer training yet.

We did the usual physical testing pretty early on: 5km on the ski erg hooked up to all of Pepa’s favorite machines to measure VO2 max, oxygen consumption, lactic acid in muscles, heart rate, etc. We also did the Canadian strength test and our uphill running time trial up Mt. Elmore. My 5km ski erg test went the best it has even gone, but my Canadian strength test and uphill run were a bit less than my best last year. Nothing to worry about though seeing as it is still May!

The GRP welcomes a new cross country skier on the team: Adam Martin from NMU! We are excited to have another full time male cross country skier, and Adam shows a lot of promise with top results in the country in the last few years. In addition to Adam, we will have four U23 athletes training with us this summer, 2 biathletes and 2 cross country skiers. I’m excited for a productive and exhausting summer full of hard training with the GRP.


I will try to keep an updated blog that covers what training and events that I have been doing throughout my season. Although mostly informative, I will try to make it as entertaining and hopefully a bit educational as well to all of my followers.