I was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont where I have lived for the past 23 years. I am lucky to have been born into an active and outdoorsy family, spending much of my youth playing soccer, hiking Mt. Mansfield and Camel’s Hump, biking on the Burlington bike path, and exploring the woods and nature around Burlington, and always with my partner in crime and twin brother, Eric. We started skiing by the age of three, at first just goofing around in the back yard on a pile of snow that my folks shoveled, on skis that my dad made. We began alpine skiing at a very young age at Bolton Valley. Both of my parents are avid alpine skiers; we learned a lot from them. I don’t exactly remember my first time cross-country skiing but it was probably when I was around age five, just trudging through the woods. I always thought cross-country skiing was simply to enjoy nature and get away from the hustle-bustle of alpine skiing (except harder!) — but for me it turned out to be much more than that.

I never took any sport too seriously until high school. I had played soccer for years in the local Parks and Recreation league, mostly watching my brother be stellar in baseball, soccer, and track and field. I joined the youth track team a few years after my brother, and decided to run distance, meaning the 800-meter run back then.


When I went to high school, my best friend convinced me to run cross-country and he also convinced my brother and me to join the school’s Nordic ski team. Thanks to him I got into endurance sports and began my career of more serious racing. We used Nordic skiing as a fun way to train because initially I thought that distance running was my sport. However, over the years I started to enjoy skiing as a full-body sport and, even though I loved both, I started to be better at skiing than running— plus it proved to yield fewer injuries than running.

Me, my twin brother Eric, and our best friend Andrew at one of our first races freshman year of high school! Photo: Mom

Burlington High School is known as being the urban school of Vermont, and therefore not known for its ski team. The group of kids that skied was great, but it was hard for us to get proper Nordic ski training. With the fall cross-country running season as a base, running around the city and circuit core were the building blocks of our ski training. I learned that push-ups and pull-ups were the most important and beneficial exercises that I could do for strength. In my first few years roller skis were rare, so we used roller blades or just ran. Packing down our own ski loop in the high school lacrosse field was a great warm up for an interval workout — a common activity for our team. One of my favorite workouts was running up six flights of stairs with my brother on my back during our “specific stair strength” routine! I think that not having all of the best resources for training only helped me as a ski racer, now really appreciating good training opportunities and equipment.

State Championships my junior year as a Seahorse!

Thrilled to be have been admitted to Middlebury College, I was ready to pursue the next level of ski racing and explore my academic options at an excellent liberal arts college! I decided to go with my gut and major in Physics. It was a challenging academic path, which made a rigorous ski-training schedule even more difficult to balance. However, that commitment and hard work kept alive all my interests, through ski racing and beyond.

Middlebury College Ski Team – they lift you up:)

Skiing for Middlebury was an incredible experience. Andrew Gardner coached me for my first three years, teaching me to be confident in my abilities, train hard, and trust myself. I also had the privilege of being coached by Patty Ross all four years and Andrew Johnson my senior year at Middlebury when I was cementing my goals to pursue a professional ski career. My experience at Middlebury and representing the Panthers for four years was life-changing. I grew as an athlete and a person and learned about my limits and my true desires in life. I now realize that I am following a dream that was uncovered in the last few years. After a relatively successful collegiate ski-racing career and 2 years pro for the Sun Valley Gold Team full of ups and downs, I find myself ski racing for the Craftsbury Green Racing Project. I will use all that I have learned at Middlebury and Sun Valley about hard work ethic, listening to my body, knowing who I am, and believing in myself to propel myself to new levels of ski racing beyond what I ever hoped for!