New Zealand Round 2

In late August the CGRP nordic team made our way halfway around the world to get on snow in New Zealand again! This was my second trip to Middle Earth and the skiing conditions and weather was even better than last year. We spent the first few days acclimating to the 16 hour time change and doing some fun dryland training runs in and around Wanaka before going up to the Snow Farm and doing some serious hours on snow.

First afternoon jog looking over the town of Wanaka.
Finding snow


Trying to take more animal selfies, Caitlin captured the epic moment!

The skiing was incredible this year with amazing snow conditions, beautiful weather, and excellent grooming. We tried to ski twice a day working on speeds, transferring all the hard technique work we did all summer onto snow, and some interval workouts. We also had the chance to jump in the 2018 New Zealand Winter Games races: a 10km skate race, skate sprint, and 15km mass start classic race. The field was small, but pretty deep considering how much of the US Ski Team, Craftsbury GRP, Stratton Mountain team, and some of the Japanese National Team was there.

Akeo enjoying the first day on snow!!
Working on that good ol’ fashioned classic skiing. Photo: Akeo
NZ Winter Games 10km skate podium 3rd place! Photo: Matt Whitcomb
NZ Winter Games skate sprint final (ended up 4th to these fast guys). Photo: Matt Whitcomb
Herring bone run in the 15km mass start! Ended up 3rd again! Photo: Pepa Miloucheva
Finding peace during our long OD crust cruises with Akeo and Cailtin! Photo: Caitlin Patterson
Looking out over the valley during a long sunny crust cruise!

The New Zealand camp was an incredible experience. I did not do as well in the races as last year, but that was kind of part of my plan for this season. I thought I was a bit too fast too early last year so I have been tweaking my training. I did not feel as fast in NZ but still was working on fitness and technique! I hope it works out later on when it matters 😉

Next training block is surviving the cold rainy fall that Vermont loves to dish out in October and November, then on to West Yellowstone for the US SuperTours.

Just to explain to all of my supporters, I decided to turn down the Period I World Cup starts I was offered by the US Ski Team in order to try and qualify for Period II via US SuperTour points. While this is a gamble and definitely not a guarantee, I feel I have a better chance at Period II qualification by racing in the US and also better chance of 2019 World Championships qualification by staying in the US for Period I.

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