Sponsorship Shoutout – Sole Insoles

I have been working with Sole Insoles for two years now and will start with them as my first sponsorship shoutout blog post. Sole Insoles creates an amazing product that has several key differences from their competition. The best thing that I like about Sole Insoles is the custom wear-moldable arch support that their insoles offer. They have a strong and very solid arch support which I need for my pronating feet, but is is not just a piece of molded plastic like other brands use. They use some special rubber material that can be heat molded in the oven, or wear molded with use that forms to your foot. After a few days of using the insoles, they feel so comfortable and stable that you forget you have custom insoles in! They come in a variety of sizes and styles. I usually use Active Medium for my running shoes, Active Thin with Met Pad for my nordic ski boots, Active Thin for rollerski boots, Casual Thin for casual shoes, Mens Sport Flips for beach and summer daily use, and I am starting to use their new line of Sport Medium for my mountain bike shoes.

I will highlight their new Sport Medium insoles today. At a more competitive and attractive price, you still get Sole’s newer softer arch support. While still supporting the arch, it is a bit more flexible which I think will be helpful in mountain bike shoes where I am not necessarily putting all my weight on my feet all the time. You get 1.6mm of Sole’s Softec which provides nice cushioning and vibration damping foam that will be nice when I descent rocky terrain. They also feature Sole’s very effective use of Polygiene anti-odor so that my bike shoes stay a bit more fresh than they usually would. Below is a few pictures of how I set up my mountain bike shoes with them.





Overall I really enjoy the Sport Medium insoles for my mountain biking shoes. You will immediately notice compared to the cheap foam insoles of standard shoes that with arch support your feet will take up more volume in the shoes, so loosen the laces more and let your foot and insole get comfortable in the shoe!

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