Fall Training Update

As usual, the summer and fall has flown by in a productive whirlwind of travel, training, recovery, eating, and sleeping. Overall I have been incredibly happy with  my training and fitness improvements over the past few months. I got a new PR in the 5km ski erg time trial, a new PR in the Mt. Elmore uphill running time trial, and new max lifts for back-squat, bench press, and deadlift. I feel way more comfortable on skis especially with the 3 week training camp we did on snow in New Zealand at the end of August to the middle of September. I am confident and excited for the season to come. We had a great training group with Alex, Mike, Adam, Adam Luban from Middlebury, Lewis Nottonson from Middlebury, and me to push each other during intervals and strength workouts.

Because I am so miserably late with this blog, I will post mostly fun pictures of fall training with some descriptions.

Adam and I enjoying a classic Vermont view at the top of Mt. Mansfield near the end of an OD run!
Cranking out a hot and sweaty 29 mile run! Thanks Altra, Sole, Hammer, CEP, and Julbo:) photo: Pepa
Enjoying some Burlington bike path rollerskiing during my visits home throughout the summer! Photo: David Lustgarten
Luban and I cruising through some Vermont countryside, leg day!
OD run #2 up and over Mt. Mansfield, this time 2 laps up and over with the Midd boys. This time with a much better view:)
Getting tired at around hour 3 of the double Mt. Mansfield OD
Refreshing way to finish a hard day of summer training! Photo: Adam Luban

The next series of pictures is from our training camp at the Snow Farm in New Zealand! It was an incredible camp, we had lots of great skiing and some days of mindblowing crust cruising. We were able to race in the New Zealand Winter Games, which included a 10km skate race, classic sprint, and 15km classic mass start race. There were some white-out conditions and sun all thrown in the race days to make for challenging and interesting conditions. Per usual, our wax tech Nick Brown and Pepa crushed the skis and we had some great results to compliment our hard training. Check it out:

Analyzing technique work in one of the most beautiful places in the world!
Sunset from the Snow Farm.
Training ski with Brian Gregg, is this real???
Remembering the pain of racing at altitude! Photo: Chad Gregg
Medal ceremony for the 10km skate New Zealand Winter Games! Naruse Kaichi (Japan) on left, Brian Gregg on right. Photo: Pepa
Hammering some double pole with the winner during the A Final of the mens classic sprint of the New Zealand Winter Games! Photo: Chad Gregg
Leading out the 15km classic mass start race in a windy white out! Photo: Pepa
The most photographed tree in the world, that Wanaka Tree. I understand why now!
GRP XC team – teamwork makes the dream work! Photo: Pepa

After the training camp in New Zealand we came back to Vermont for some very solid training. While rollerskiing on Monday, October 23rd I had the most terrifying crash of my life on rollerskis. I had a collision at 41.1 kph with a turning truck while descending a hill on our local rollerski roads near Craftsbury. I bounced off of the truck and slid into the road, suffering road rash, a bruised hip bone, a shattered pole, and a partially torn rotator cuff tendon along with some deltoid tendonitis, which I am still recovering from. I am lucky to be alive and that I did not hit my head in the accident. Luckily this is the time of the year when we hang up the rollerskis and get on snow, but I hope that if anything good can come from this crash it is to remind us all of how vulnerable we are on rollerskis and to be as safe as possible when rollerskiing.

We are now in West Yellowstone, MT praying for snow for the upcoming US SuperTour this weekend. We had the opening 10km skate race this past Saturday. While I did not do as well as I hoped, it was a great race effort at altitude to help adjust and get the gears going for the SuperTour. Stay tuned!


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